Do you really want to sell more cars? Or are you happy with your current numbers?

Over the past year, we have been helping dealers hit targets, whether they use our showroom system or not!! We help them increase footfall and increase profit, by working with them in the dealership with our ProACT events.

If it works for them, why not you? Get a guaranteed result by being proactive and doing something different.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what Martin Mortimer of Yeomans has to say:

“Thanks to Phil and all the team at AutoSLM, yet again we have generated qualified appointments at a time when we need the registrations. ProAct is a cost effective way for us to over achieve our quarterly targets and reap the rewards. See you next quarter.”

We are so confident it works, that it will gain you astonishing sales, quality appointments and team belief, much better than traditional events companies can deliver. We have years of experience in delivering ProACT events, we don’t offer any misguided solutions and we cut through the myths out there.

We offer an excellent ROI so you know your money is well spent.

We will manage the data, email/SMS invitations, training, coaching and calling.
You provide your customer offer, data and the team.
We will provide the enthusiasm.

What are you waiting for? Email or Call 07789 932047 and book your event.