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Automotive Sales Lead Management

AutoSLM Sales Lead Management is our primary product with the emphasis on generating sales through leads coming into the dealership and managing those leads through to sale. AutoSLM is the next generation of sales tools.

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Lead Management and Customer Relationship Management
AutoSLM provides various standard and customized software and consulting solutions to the Auto Industry in South Africa, Botswana, the United Kingdom, Middle East and the United States. As such we have existing relationships with South African OEM’s, leading dealer groups – both franchised and non -franchised.

Sales Lead Management CRM for vehicle traders
We are a team of automotive specialists who understand the sales process from start to finish and everything in between. Because we only work in the automotive sector you can be assured you are getting the very best in expertise and experience. We work together with manufacturers, dealer groups and individual dealerships to increase vehicle sales with an easy-to-use system.

Software Features

We are a software development house that specialise in creating services that can be moulded to perfectly fit how you want to run your car dealership.


Manage your enquiries and staff efficiently using one system and benefit from the rich features you would expect from a leading automotive platform.

Single customer view

View a customers historical enquiries and deals all linked within a single area of the customer record

Customer Tracking

Track a customer journey, what they have done, when and with which sales exec.

Custom Forms

Customisable order forms / invoices / test drive forms or any other PDF forms can be added and linked for customer details to be populated when the PDF is produced

Digital Signatures

Record the customers signature on a tablet, phone or eSign device

Auto Stock Match

Stock is automatically matched to customers when new vehicles are added to stock. Alerts can be sent to sales staff and customers can be emailed details of new cars being added.

Deal Stacking

Stack customer dealers against any vehicle as HP or PCP deals and report profit values.

Marketing Suite

Send emails or SMS messages to all or a selection of your customer database at once. Advanced filters to let you choose your audience.

Nurturing Module

Look after all your customers that might be sitting in a forgotten list with our customer nurturing module

Cap Car Configurator

New vehicle configurator for all manufacturers. Latest prices for all vehicles and optional extras.

Used Car Values

Price up any part exchange vehicles instantly with our used car vehicle pricing tool for CAP

VRM lookup

Vehicle Registration lookup for any UK registration vehicle, DVLA lookup returns the vehicle details straight to the system.

Postcode Lookup

Lookup the full address from any UK postcode with live updates

Provenance Checks

Check there is no outstanding finance or the vehicle is not stolen or been in an accident with our provenance check

Stock Management

All your stock vehicles in 1 place to manage, track and repory upon.

Diary Management

Plan your future appointments and see who you plan to contact today, the diary system keeps you organised and allows you to keep you promises to contact customers at the correct time.

Demo vehicle booking and tracking

Track and manage all your demo vehicles and test drives with our demo tracking module.

Order forms

Produce order forms for any deal. Customised order form layouts to suit your business are easily setup.

Invoice generation

Produce invoices and track them through our invoicing system and monitor payments and receipts.

Link to DMS systems

We link to several DMS system to pass in customer data and to pull our data from the DMS to AutoSLM CRM for 2 way integration.


Track all reception phone calls, and pass on messages when someone isn't available to take a call.

Instant Alerts

Pop up message alerts and SMS / email alerts are easily activated for a variety of trigger actions in the system.

Service & Aftersales

Service module allows service and aftersales to look at customer records to find their details and check their history and find vehicle information before the customer comes into the workshop.

Fleet & Contract Hire

We have a fleet and contract hire module to manage your customers in this area.

Telephony Integration

We can integrate with existing phone systems or we can offer you a virtual system that works alongside your existing setup.

API Integration

We have a full API suite so any other system can easily link into our system for adding / editing customer or vehicle records as well as adding internet leads and reporting data.

Partner system links

We have many different partner systems that add amazing functionality to our system doing what each of them do best. Please see our partners page for more details on who we link to.

Appointment booking & tracking

Make appointments and from the help of our diary management system, keep those appointment and don't double book you time or any demo vehicles.

Manufacturer data hub links

We link to several manufacturer data hubs so any standards points will not be lost by using AutoSLM as your showroom system. We also build several manufacturer data hubs ourselves and we are currently running one for all Vauxhall dealers in the UK and GM / Chevrolet and Cadillac in the Middle East.

Auditing reports

We have full auditing on every part of the system, so from a security point of view, we know who changed what and what and where from.

Call centre functionality

We have a full call centre module available that several of our larger dealer groups use to manage enquiries into the business.

Advanced reporting features

We offer a huge reporting suite to compare your showroom data in multiple ways. Everyone likes to see things differently so we have a report that will fit around how you want it to work.

Group level reporting

For dealers with multiple locations and/or brands, we offer a full reporting suites that shows all the dealers at a high level and allows you to drill right down to sales exec level to keep full control over your dealer group which is accessible from anywhere in the world.

KPI Dashboards

Our KPI dashboard shows you if your on track to meet your monthly targets and what you need to do to keep you and your team on track to hit your target enquires / test drives and sales.

Part Exchange Appraisal App

We offer a part exchange appraisal app that can be used on any mobile device to record details of the customer PX vehicle and record any damage and details link mileage/ tire wear etc. Photos and video can be added as well as suggested CAP based prices for the vehicle offered.

HP & PCP Calculators

We calculate HP and PCP deals in a full advanced way with our full deal presenter product, or as a quick 4 square offering that gives the customer an idea of a rough monthly figure before they commit to a full deal presentation.

HPI checks

We can offer full HPI integration with HPI checks against any vehicle to check its not stolen or has outstanding finance before its taken in part exchange

Great technical and product support

We have a really professional and dedicated team of support staff that will sort any question or queries you may have on the system.

Knowledgebase Help System

We have a knowledgebase help system where you can find lots of information on how to do things and even walk a walk through video on how to use parts of the system.

Product Videos built in

We link to various product videos for GAP / Supagard / GardX / Willams and others that can be played directly to the customer from the system whilst at your desk so you can upsell the additional products.

Electronic Document Tracking

We allow you to create your own documents that can be uploaded into the system for auto population with customer details or just scanned paper versions of any document can be uploaded and stored against the customer record for future reference. Our aim is to help you go as paperless as possible.


Lead Tracker runs as a module within AutoSLM CRM or as a completely stand-alone product that runs alongside your current DMS, Lead Management or CRM system, with its sole purpose being to efficiently manage all of your internet enquiries that come in via email, like leads from Autotrader or from your own website.

Lead categorisation

All leads are different, which is why you can categorise them accurately to suit your business

Internet Lead Collection and Tracking

We can read all your email leads from all your various website providers straight into the AutoSLM system so you can manage them from 1 location.

Lead Categorisation

We automatically categorise your internet leads into pots like, Test Drive , PX enquiry, New car lead, Used car lead etc as they come in, so you can manage your team most effectively by making sure the right person gets the correct lead type.

Email templates

Create and customise your own email templates to offer a professional response to any customer interaction by email.

24x7x365 lead management auto responders

We offer fully automated replies with formatted templates to your customers so they are always replied to straight away in the same format and look and feel you expect from a professional business letting them know their enquiry is important and passing on key information such as a contact person and contact details.

Video recording and email to customers

Record a video of anything from a walk around the used car to recording a personal message for a customer on your phone or tablet and send it via an email link to that customer. Very simple to do and no special service or hardware needed, it can be done on any device with a camera.


AutoSLM took a strategic decision early in our product development that we would integrate and cooperate with as many willing parties as possible allowing us to make the dealer's life easier and more effective. We are happy to present to you our current, and growing, feeds (in & outbound), direct leads email mapping and webservices, integrations, partnerships and alliances.

Partners we intregrate with include:

Gemini DMS , Judge Service , Autotrader , Reef , Contact Advantage , CAP / HPI , Gumtree , Gforces , Codeweavers , Motorcheck , Automotive Compliance , SLMi6 , Dapda , Autoconvert , Volkswagen Datahub , Vauxhall Datahub , Peugeot Datahub , and many others.


We have always prided ourselves as being “motor people” doing IT not an IT company trying to do “motor”.
Marcus Badach – M.D AutoSLM Southern Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it do?

    We produce Sales Lead Management software for vehicle dealers; organising sales staff, giving managers access to reporting tools, and allowing manufacturers to see what’s happening in their network. If you have used any of our competitors showroom management systems in the past then you will have some idea as to what AutoSLM is capable of. Built and developed by the staff who originally brought e-GoodManners to the market, we have used our experience to create an unrivalled and technically advanced system.

  • If you are a sales person, it will allow you to record customer details, enquiry vehicle details, trade in details, create quotes and order forms for your records. You will also have a full diary system and a tasks system that allows you to stay organised, manage your day and keep in close contact with all of your customers. If you are a sales manager, amongst other tools, AutoSLM will provide you with reporting data on how your sales team are doing, how many customers they have contacted, how many test drives they have booked and taken, how many deliveries have arrived and most importantly how many sales have been made. AutoSLM allows you to set your team targets and monitor their performance against those targets, helping you to manage your dealership more effectively and profitably.

  • AutoSLM is the next generation of sales tools. We produce Sales Lead Management software for vehicle dealers; organising sales staff, giving managers access to reporting tools, and allowing manufacturers to see what’s happening in their network. AutoSLM is web-based but we also have a tablet app and a mobile app, allowing the software to fit into your dealership using the hardware you already have. We also have a dedicated Support Team ready to assist you with any queries and an expert Technical Team who look after all the servers and back ups so you don’t have to. We also have a dedicated Support Team ready to assist you with any queries and an expert Technical Team who look after all the servers and back ups so you don’t have to.

  • As well as providing a system, our experienced automotive consultants also help you get the most of the system with regular reviews and checks to make sure you are getting the most out of the system. We offer our customers full telephone support and we can even customise our product to fit around how you want to run you dealership.

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Book a demo of the system with one of our consultants. They will work around your schedule to demo the system over video conference / screen share. Let us know the best time for you.

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