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AutoSLM Sales Lead Management is our primary product with the emphasis on generating sales through leads coming into the dealership and managing those leads through to sale. AutoSLM is the next generation of sales tools.

Customer Tracking

AutoSLM is a customer relationship management tool and much more.

A sales executive records the customer’s name, address, telephone number and enquiry vehicle details along with any notes and other preferences about the customer. That customer record then opens up a vehicle enquiry form that is tracked through the sales executive’s online diary system. This allows sales executives to organise their time effectively on a day-to-day level, marking off tasks in their diary as they go. Customer records of visits, enquiries, test drives and purchases can be easily accessed by simply typing their surname into the search area.

Our customer capture screens are easy to use with drop-down selections to save time and ensure accuracy.

Custom Forms

All of our forms are available in PDF format so you can easily email, print and save copies. We can create custom form generation on request so any documents you need in PDF can be converted, saved and accessed by everyone in the dealership.

Digital Signatures

For dealerships that are aiming to become more environmentally friendly or who are moving towards a paperless office, we have now made all of our forms electronic.

In addition we have created a digital signature capture panel for the tablet and desktop, giving the customer and sales staff peace of mind that the deal is sealed.

Deal Stacking

We have built a deal stacker that allows you to add on factory fit, dealer fit, F&I products, and produce PCP and HP deals. Our offer sheet helps upsell profitable extras such as paint protection by showing how little it adds to the monthly repayments.

Our deal stacker has full profit analysis for managers as well as a report sheet for add on products. We also link to a full DOC system for full end-to-end analysis.

KIT – Marketing Suite

KIT (Keep In Touch), our automated communication system allows you to send e-mail and text messages to all or any of your customers and prospects. It can be used by manager or marketing professionals from local level or group level to keep in touch with customers and potential customers.

KIT is very simple to use as you can create your own individualised marketing searches.

For example :

‘Find all customers that have enquired about a Vauxhall Corsa in the last 12 months, but didn’t actually purchase one’


‘Find all customers that purchased from us, but didn’t have a test drive in the last 2 years’

You can create any search you want and when completed you can export the results to an Excel file or send it to our KIT broadcast area where you can send HTML e-mail in bulk, or mass SMS messages to your customers.

All KIT activity is recorded against the customer records, so you can see exactly what was send, by whom and when.

But that’s not all, KIT can be fully automated to send communications on or before specific events. For example automated text reminders can be sent about an upcoming test drive or an email can automatically be sent out thanking customers after a hand over.

All of these communications can be sent from our pre-formatted templates section.

The ‘marketing wizard’ prospecting feature also gives sales managers the ability to send sales information to specific groups of customers.

KIT can also be used to send interactive questionnaires such as CSI surveys and lost sale analysis.

KIT had been designed together with our customers meaning it is easy to use and is also a really powerful tool in retaining and gaining customers; in turn increasing your sales.

Nurturing Module

Is your sales lead management system full of customers that have never been followed up? Do sales staff have hundreds, if not thousands of overdue customer contacts in their diaries? If this is the case, then very quickly your sales lead management system becomes ineffective. Sales staff stop using it properly leading to missed follow-ups and ultimately, thousands of pounds in missed sales.

In our years of experience in the industry we have seen that sales executives are good at selling cars to people currently in the market for a new car and not at cold calling someone who potentially wanted to buy a car three years ago and is still in their database. Therefore, AutoSLM has addressed this issue by creating the role of Nurturer.

The Nurturer takes over from the salesperson providing proactive follow up to the prospect, looking after them until they are ready to re-enter the sales process, but now as a warm prospect.

The salesperson simply transfers the prospect to ‘Nurturing’ section via the AutoSLM system. Once in nurturing, we have a range of tools designed to keep in touch with the prospect. Our ‘Keep In Touch’ (KIT) system sends e-mail and SMS messages as automated routines and the Nurturer has their own diary to keep in contact. Once the prospect is ready, they are transferred into the salesperson’s diary for follow up.

CAP – Car Configurator

We work in partnership with CAP to incorporate their configurator programme into AutoSLM. This integration is totally seamless and will enhance the customer experience by providing your sales staff with all vehicle details, options and pricing-  directly from our application.

If you already have a CAP license, we can include the configurator at no extra charge, otherwise a license will be payable to CAP.

CAP – Used Car Values

CAP provides us with up-to-the-minute used car pricing via their Valuation Anywhere programme which we have incorporated into AutoSLM giving sale executives instant pricing information from within our application.

If you already have a CAP ‘Valuation Anywhere’ license, this can be incorporated into the system free of charge, otherwise a license fee will be payable to CAP.

Stock Management

It is easy to upload stock to AutoSLM. We work with all the major website lead providers such as Gforces, Portfolio, 2nd Byte, Limitless and Trader Media Group and can maintain your stock automatically via overnight feeds, ensuring it is always kept up to date.

 By importing your stock into AutoSLM, sales executives can quickly search stock for vehicles and can access high quality images that can then be viewed by the customer. The sales executive then simply links that vehichle to the customer record, pre-filling essentail details such as the VIN, transmission, colour, specification and registration number and registration date. 

Silent salesman forms can also be produced through the stock management area. We can produce a silent salesman in PDF to any format you require and these can be printed out and put in the car windsceen, or used as a take away brochure on a used car.

We currently integrate with a variety of different electronic systems on the markets in several countries, see the full list here.

We can link easily to any provider of stock feeds. But we also allow manual import from Excel and CSV files in any layout. Additionally, we also have webservices available to upload stock vehicles from other systems via our product DealerHub.

Email Management

Do you know how many of the leads that come into your dealership via email actually go into your CRM system?

Are your sales staff in the habit of keeping all contacts within their Outlook on the desktop and never bother to re-type them into the lead management system?
If so, then you are loosing a lot of valuable customers you can market and sell to, and in turn it makes your dealership statistics innaccurate as there are more enquiries that being reported.

At AutoSLM we have several of solutions to this widespread problem.

We can assign you with a unique e-mail address where all leads from your websites or other adverting sites such as AutoTrader are sent directly into AutoSLM as a lead.

We also map IMAP email accounts into AutoSLM, so effectively the sales staff can view, write and manage their emails from within AutoSLM and Outlook at the same time.

We can read their Outlook IMAP account, so any customers we already know about that respond to sales email will have the message tagged to their customer record so you have a full history of the contact with the customer.

We also allow sales staff to mark incoming email as ‘new customer enquiries’ and produces a customer record sheet with all the customer detals stripped out and pre-filled, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Mobile Apps

Free your sales staff from their desks!

When we developed our mobile apps we were really amazed at how they would transform the sales process. At one dealership, the level of recorded enquiries entered into the system increased by a massive 60%.

This was attributed to the fact that the sales staff felt more empowered and were working at the customers’ pace to gather information. With these impressive statistics we certainly recommend that all sales staff use iPads or tablets in the sales process.

We have developed apps for iPads, tablets, iPhones and Androids so you can use all of the features of AutoSLM on the go and can be quickly downloaded at our download page on the app store.


AutoSLM is a customer relationship management tool and much more.

Reception is a very important part of your business. In most cases it is the front line for customers and their interaction with your business. We help you track all of your taken and missed calls and highlight messages to staff to allow them to call customers back. This very simple but extremely effective module of the system can be used by everyone in your dealership, ensuring that no lead goes unmissed and allows everyone from sales executives to service staff to help manage thier contact with customers.  

Full reception call tracking and reporting is also available within the AutoSLM application and our customer capture screens are easy to use with drop-down selections to save time and ensure accuracy.

Service and Aftersales

AutoSLM is primary for the sales team within the dealership, but we also understand that the service department too need to pick up reception calls and they may need to look through customers details and notes to give the best possible service.

With this in mind we created a service module that allows service users to do just that, pick up calls and also search for customers and read their notes and find out any history. They also have a special service tab on the customer record where they can add notes for the sales team to view.

We are planning to expand our service module over the coming months, so please keep your eye on this area.

Fleet and Contact Hire

Any AutoSLM user can also create fleet or business records by selecting the customer type from the drop down menu.

Fleet records can have multiple contacts, multiple enquiry lines, multiple PX vehicles and multiple vehicles sales. We also allow fleet and business records so it is easy for sales executives to create quotes and contract hire purchase documents.

As part of our Fleet and Business module we also have a facility to create contract hire quotations in PDF format to be emailed or printed out for the customer.

AutoCall – Telephony

Our telephony system differs from all those currently on the market as you do not need to purchase any new equipment, it simply works from your current system and runs from the internet cloud.

It is extremely easy to set up and use and can be demonstrated at your dealership by one of our trained consultants.

Lead Tracker Features

The Lead Tracker module takes leads generated from external sources such as your website, AutoTrader, Gforces and other internet lead providers and imports them all into AutoSLM for you to manage in one location.

When a lead arrives, we send out an email to all the sales exececutives that have been switched on to receive leads. This email contains all the details of the lead, and allows the sales executive to respond to the lead directly from the email without having to first login to AutoSLM.

The AutoSLM integrated version of Lead Tracker has all the same features as our stand alone product. Click below to read more on our Lead Tracker product.

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