Enhancing your digital showroom

We believe your digital showroom is more important than ever now. 98% of consumers start their vehicle search online. We can help you stand out.

AutoPixels is an international photo enhancement service as well as a stock feed provider for those dealers who are still manually loading their stock.

We have the technology, infrastructure and resources that allows us to take your standard photographs, taken almost anywhere, enhance and or standardize them with any chosen backdrops, CI requirements or branding… All your vehicle images will look like they have been professionally taken in the exact position of your choosing.

Services we offer

Dealer photos

Professional looking photos

Resizing of all images

Dealership backdrops

Stock photos

Personalise your stock photos

Photo booth backdrops

CI compliance and branding

Also includes:

  • Consistent image recognition
  • Photo theft protection / watermarking
  • Seamless process that works with what you have
  • Customised themes
  • Online adverts that stand out from your competitors
  • Simple pricing model

AutoPixels samples

How does it work?

Dealer’s stock is loaded either manually or through a feed.

Our specialists enhance the photos to custom specifications.

We feed the enhanced stock directly to multiple channels.

Content management

Integrating with your existing feed

AutoPixels will intercept these feeds, enhance the images and pass the new enhanced feedonto the dealership portal(s) of choice. Hands free!

Manage your inventory manually

AutoPixels will provide the dealer with a CMS to load all their stock onto. We enhance all of the images uploaded and feed to the dealership portal(s) of choice.

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